Zyxt Consulting: Market Entry, Strategy Development, and Strategic Finance

About Us

Zyxt. Verb. (old English) second-person singular past tense of to zi (“see”). “Zyxt” is the last word in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Our practice

We offer expertise in three major areas: Market Entry, Strategy Development, and Strategic Finance.

Market Entry

Zyxt-Consulting is engaged in the practice of creating American-owned businesses in Japan, in partnership with U.S. firms who have superior products or technologies but lack experience in Japan.  We do not function as middlemen or advisors, but as principals.  We take the lead in planning and implementing the Japan business strategies for our partnerships, and we are capable of assuming full responsibility for establishing the Japan operations on lines agreed on with our partners.  We do not seek equity in either the Japan operation or the U.S. parent company, but take most of our compensation as a small percentage of the revenues we create in Japan.

Strategy Audits & Development

It is a sad but well-recognized fact that most new business projects fail—whether they are start-ups or new initiatives by established businesses. We believe that most of these failures derive from strategic errors that are overlooked in the rush to launch the project. Most failures, then, are predictable, and therefore preventable. One highly cost-effective way of reducing your risk of failure is to have an outside party conduct a rigorous, critical review of your plan before you commit major resources. These audits tend to be short-term, limited budget assignments, costing a small fraction of the resources that are at risk in the strategic initiatives being evaluated. Given the high failure rate among new ventures, the magnitude of resources usually at risk, and the low cost of an outside audit, we believe the decision to have an audit is an easy one to make.

Some clients identify strategic opportunities that they wish to pursue, but do not have staff available to develop strategic plans internally. They engage us to coordinate and manage the strategy development process, performing those tasks for which internal resources are not available. Typically, this will include any external market research and competitive analysis. In these cases, we function essentially as extensions of the CEO and the corporate staff. We have a great deal of experience in strategy development, and we think we are of greatest value when we use our skills as active and integrated participants in the process.

Strategic Finance

Understanding the underlying economics of a business with a fine grain of detail can be a powerful tool in setting strategic priorities and implementing strategic goals.  We provide a dynamic analysis of our client’s business—beyond the usual financial reports—to understand the economic drivers of profitability and growth.  Our client’s gain an understanding of their business at a level of detail that may go down to profitability at the individual customer level, allowing our clients to fine tune their strategic priorities to ensure maximum impact in the shortest amount of time.